Career Counseling

Not sure what to do with your life?
Thinking of going back to school?
Looking to make a career change?
Not sure what profession to choose?
Then career counseling is for you! 
A career counselor is a trained professional who can help you make career choices, career planning and management and even help you with your job search. 
Through one-on-one meetings, a career counselor will help you clarify your goals, explain your options, develop a better understanding of your interests, skills and personality, and inform you of training programs, professions, labor market realities, and any other information that might help you in making choices about your future. A career counselor won’t necessarily present you with easy answers but will certainly assist you in making the best decisions for your future. 
Most career counseling processes take between 4 and 6 meetings but at the very least, a minimum of 2 appointments.  
Job Links offers career counseling – it is FREE and confidential! Why not contact us and make an appointment today!
Check out our Helpful Links page for a few websites where you can test your skills, take a personality quiz, etc.